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Help & Support

How to contact us

You can contact support by calling 0330 445 0000 (+44 (0) 1224 900123) Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm or email us using or use our fault reporting form.

If you have an emergency support requirement outwith the hours stated above you can use our out-of-hours emergency customer support telephone number +44 (0) 20 8817 5270. SureVoIP partners can call the on call support engineers directly.

Please note: this is for extreme emergencies regarding loss of service, not sales. When you call this number you will be asked for your SureVoIP telephone number and/or account number by a helpdesk agent. The out-of-hours support service is only available to live customers.

Process: The helpdesk will call our internal test number to check all inbound and outbound systems. If there are no problems detected you will be advised to restart your equipment and verify your internet connection. If you are still experiencing a problem and require immediate assistance which can not wait until normal business hours, a call will be placed to our on call support engineers.
We will already be alerted of any serious problems on our core systems due to our automated 24/7 monitoring and will post information about the problem on our Service Status page and SureVoIP Twitter Service Status feed, so please check these first.


Weekly Maintenance

Every Thursday evening between 22:00 and 23:00 we may perform minor changes to our network and services due to ongoing improvements, bug fixes, capacity changes and anything minor that will not cause an outage. If an outage is expected we will provide at least 7 days notice unless an urgent issue needs to be addressed due to reasons out with our control.


Support Guides

We have a support wiki that contains various guides and solutions to common setup problems or questions regarding using our VoIP service and doing business with SureVoIP in general. You can also chat to us via our website Live Help feature or on FreeNode IRC channel #surevoip. You can use their webchat


SureVoIP Forms

Some of the following files need to be signed and returned in order to use certain SureVoIP products. For example, if you use a SureVoIP SIP Trunk and you'd like to use your own Caller ID, then you'll need to sign and return our SureVoIP CLI Agreement form.