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BETA: SureVoIP App


Use the SureVoIP app for all your business grade encrypted calls, secure instant messaging and account management.

Benefits to you:

  • Tap into your phone contacts and match against all company calls
  • Review analytics for company wide incoming and outgoing calls which helps track how busy things are (even if you are not a Hosted VoIP customer)
  • Enjoy encrypted phone and video calls with Bluetooth support
  • See when you're connected to SureVoIP
  • Native integration with your phone
  • Easy access to SureVoIP Service Status
  • Make and receive your calls over mobile data (3G/4G/5G) and WiFi
  • For the techie - Opus audio codec and VP8 video codec

Why not download and login using your SureVoIP Portal details?

Download the SureVoIP app on your phone now